All consultations will be in using zoom. Check Moodle for the links.


There are no lectures or tutorials during the midsemester break.

Week Slides Tutorial Topic Resources Assessments
0 Information
1 Basic communication theory and practice Why storytelling is so powerful in the digital era. Why storytelling is more trustworthy than presenting data. Making data mean more through storytelling.
2 Introduction to web technologies Introduction to Data Technologies Ch 2-4
3 Communicating data with interactive web apps Mastering Shiny
4 Data storytelling on the web Quarto Guide
5 A:
Statistical model outputs and data tables Assessment 1 due Fri 25 Aug 11:55 PM
6 Effective data visualisation Fundamentals of Data Visualization
7 Captivating statistical presentations Better Presentations (Sign in with Monash login) Blog entry due Tue 5 Sep 11:55 PM
8 Clearly communicating with code R Packages Video group discussion due Fri 15 Sep 11:55 PM
9 Stylishly communicating with code R Packages
Midsemester Break (1 week)
10 Case study Spencer (2022, Feb. 17). Data in Wonderland. Section 1. Assessment 2 due Fri 6 Oct 11:55 PM
11 Guest lecture
12 Course recap Oral exam Mon 24 or Tue 25 Oct